About Us

  • We endeavour to impart learning in all spheres which are needed by a student to transform into a true professional. IPS vision has been to excel in the field of imparting management education with a modernized and practical approach in order to create a niche of future professionals. This can largely be attributed to the periodic redefining of its mission to align itself with the changing times while maintaining focus on social responsiveness ofthe student as a individual.

  • In recent time, IPS has taken several steps in its pursuit of excellence. Some of the specific steps taken during the last couple of months are: Recruitment of new faculty, Offering new and contemporary elective courses, Review of course package, Development of new case materials, and Modernization of IT infrastructure.

  • “Look at the youth who is carving himself out of hard rock. This is how professional is born. You have to carve out yourself into perfect and successful professional by using tools & techniques we reach you to hold and imbibe while you’re in the campus”.

  • That’s what our mission is, as we feel that a true professional should be developed aesthetically, socially as well as intellectually ensuring the excellence in conceptual knowledge along with the traditional values. We believe that the best way to survive change is to initiate it. And it is with this belief that we have continually engaged over the years in a relentless endeavor to improve upon our past performance and to enhance IPS position in the league of the best management institutions in the world.

  • Lastly, I wish to emphasize that business management school is not merely business. We lay lot of stress on co-curricular activities, community service and social interaction. Our students imbibe what has come to be known as ‘IPS philosophy’. They cultivate human traits and values and organizational loyalty, and this goes long way in making a niche in this fiercely competitive corporate world. With these words, I extend my warm wishes to all the students for future endeavour.

Mission & Vision

  • Providing multi-level education with an emphasis on employ ability skills and nurturing a sense of social responsibility. The mission of IPS is to provide its students with the best professional career prospects in the emerging global workplace and to equip them for more effective and organized contributions in their chosen professions and fields.

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